Metairie Baptist Missive


I trust you are doing well and that you are enjoying the opportunity to walk with God and to understand more deeply His love for each one of us.  As we celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, I was reminded again of the great gift from God to me of a godly wife (as well as great children).  The day was also an opportunity to remember and to be overwhelmed at God’s great love for all of us – “God loved us and sent His Son.”  (1 John 3:10)

As we anticipate another week at MBC, let me remind you of a few matters:

1.  Tonight at MBC, we will have a special called business meeting for the purpose of hearing the report from the Associate Pastor Search Committee.  They are presenting a man to whom they are convinced God has led them.  You will hear a report from the committee.  Afterwards, there will be a time for questions.  At the meeting, you will also hear of times that have been set aside for the purpose of meeting the person and his family, as well as the time set aside for the upcoming vote of affirmation.  Please make every effort to be in attendance – and most of all, please be in prayer.  As we meet together, we are not seeking after our own personal preferences but after God’s leading for MBC for the future.  Additional information will be emailed to you regarding specific dates and times announced tonight.

2.  Socks and Cereal!  We are collecting socks for the homeless in our city and cereal which will be used by the Friendship House.  You can bring any type of clean socks to help those who do not have the luxury of fresh socks daily (probably a luxury that most of us take for granted).  Also, any type of cereal is fine but healthy cereals are preferred.  If you are able, feel free to bring your donations to the Orion Foyer any time during the month of February.

3.  March 31st will be Family Ministry Day.  Please mark this on your calendars so that there will be no conflicts.  We are preparing several activities that day in which you can participate to demonstrate God’s love to our community – visiting some of our homebound members, offering a free car wash to the neighbors, helping with a medical fair at Friendship House, and placing 1,000 bags containing the Gospel of John and an invitation to our church on the houses surrounding our church.  Afterwards, we will enjoy a meal together to celebrate the day.  More information will be forthcoming but begin now to pray for this great opportunity.

4.  This Sunday I will continue my series, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”  The sermon this week will center on John 13 – a “new” commandment to love one another.  Also, would you join me in praying for God’s Spirit to continue to move among us as we gather for the purpose of Bible Study and worship on Sunday morning?

Be certain of my prayers for you.  I am excited about what God is doing at Metairie Baptist and look forward to the future with great anticipation.  Join us on the journey.

Just one,

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