Missive From MBC

This has been an exciting time at Metairie Baptist Church.I trust that you have been impacted through the ministry of the church and through participatingin the ministry of the church.

Please make note of the following upcoming events:

*.Tonight is business meeting.Some think this is an opportunity to “skip” but it is a great opportunity to see what istaking place at your church.We will be discussingthis past month and looking forward to the next month. Also, we will be praying for our friends and family tonight so make plans to join us – and come a little early for fellowship over the meal which begins at 5:00 p.m.

*.Our youth will be participating in Disciple Now this weekend. Many of you have volunteered to host them in your homes, to feed them, to transport them, and other avenues of service. Would you join me in making a commitment to pray daily for our youth beginning today – that God would use this weekend to encourage and to strengthen them? I am so proud of our youth and look forward to seeing what God is going to do in them.

*.We are currently collecting soup for the Friendship House. Please bring any donation to the Orion Foyer and place it in the blue barrel. This is a way to help tangibly those in our city who have great needs.

*The Gathering will take place in the fellowship hall on Sunday, March 25th. This will be a great time as we are led by our youth in worship.We will also be making some preparations for Family Ministry Day. Make plans to be at this special time ofministry and fellowship – as well as a great time of worship and support for our youth.

*. Family Ministry Day is coming March 31st ! If you haven’t signed up yet, there is stilltime. You will have the chance toparticipate with the entire church family in ministry by helping with the “free community” car wash,distributing invitations to our Easter service to 1,000 homes in our area through the neighborhood blitz, visiting the homebound, or participating in the ministry of Friendship House. After themorning activities, we will have a celebration luncheon as a church family torejoice in what God has done in and through the church during the morningactivities. Sign up sheets are availablein the Orion Foyer. T-Shirts are aloavailable for a charge of $7.

*. Easter is coming as well. Make plans tonot only join us on Easter Sunday for a great time of worship as we celebrate our risen Lord, but begin now to do three things: invite your friends/family members, bringthem with you, and pray for God’s work in the lives of all present.

I continue to marvel at God’sgoodness in allowing me to be your pastor and am thankful for you. My prayer for you is this: “May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ bewith you.”(1 Cor. 16:23).

Just one,


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