Metairie Missive

This is a great Wednesday! You may ask why? Several reasons: 1. Every day that we have to walk with God is great! 2.We have the opportunity to gather together as a church tonight! 3. Wednesday is a reminder that God has provided for us in such a way that we have made it half-way through this week – and we have done more than just made it through because we are more than conquerors. Be encouraged!

Several quick reminders:

1.Our children are selling Jambalaya Dinners in an effort to raise money for going to CentriKid camp this summer.The dinners will be served immediately following the morning service this week – April 15th.The tickets have been on sale, and tonight (Wed.) is the last night to purchase them. Each plate is $8 and will be served in a carry out box.If you can’t make it tonight, please contact the office today so you can be included.Since they are being served as a carry-out, you can buy extra to serve throughout the week (if you eat leftovers!).

2.Sunday will be a busy day –

*. Sunday School /Bible Study at 9:15 a.m.

*. Worship at 10:30 a.m.

*. Sunday School Teachers/Leadership meeting at 4:45 p.m.

*.Deacons’ Meeting at 6:00 p.m.

*.College Prep Class begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. for all those entering college in the fall.

3.Don’t forget to bring your items for the Friendship House. Throughout this month, we are collecting food items that will be used to help the homeless. We have divided the list according to birthdays so if you can, bring the item listed next to your birthday month. You are encouraged to bring the following and leave the items in the buckets in the Orion Foyer:

Jan — Spaghetti Sauce

Feb — Jelly

Mar — Instant Oatmeal, Instant Grits or Box Cereal

Apr — Red Beans (1 lb. bags)

May Rice (1 lb. bags)

June — Pasta

July — Peanut Butter

Aug — Canned Pears or Peaches

Sept — Canned Corn

Oct — Canned Green Beans

Nov — Canned Peas

Dec — Pork & Beans

I am praying that you have a blessed week – and a week in which God uses you to bless others!  As you walk through the week, keep in mind the wonderful news of Easter – “He lives!”

Just one, Thomas

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