Metairie Missive

Greetings! This has been an incredibly busy week for many at Metairie Baptist Church. I cannot begin to express to you how thankful I am for the many men, women, and youth who have given so much of themselves this week to make Vacation Bible School a success. And it has been a great success. Children are discovering each night more about God’s great power! Please join me in praying for the next three nights of Vacation Bible School. Pray for the children that their hearts would be tender to hear the Word of God and pray for the leaders that God’s grace would sustain them. By the way, the attendance has been great and the workers have been faithful! I am so proud of those who are helping!

Please join us Friday night for the Vacation Bible School Family Night. Even if you have been unable to attend any other nights, please come and support the ministry that night. We will be hosting many families whose children have come throughout the week but who may not regularly attend MBC. This will be our chance to get to know them and to encourage them as best we can with God’s help. The children will be singing some of their songs and we will have an opening assembly (about 30-45 minutes) followed by a time of fellowship as we all enjoy ice cream sundaes! So – join us for sundaes on Friday!

The theme verse for VBS this year is Psalm 147:5: “Our Lord is great! Vast in power. His understanding is infinite.”

Two other quick reminders:

*Remember that we are collecting items in order to support the ministry of Friendship House and their camp “UP2HOPE.” This is a camp that they host each year for girls in their community. As a result, they need someone to provide products – and that is what we are doing this month for our project. You can find the items below and each item is listed beside a month. Find the item beside your birth month and bring it any time during June to encourage this great ministry. Join us by participating as you are able.
January and February – plastic forks or spoons
March and April – cups
May and June – bowls
July and August – plates
September and October – napkins or paper towels
November and December – pre-sweetened drink mixes

Note: Items can be paper, plastic or Styrofoam, sizes of your choice and since two months are collecting the same item, small quantities are adequate.

*. The Crossover Block Party is June 16 (and will take place on that day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) – just a little over a week away! Please make plans to attend. We are going to have a waterslide and other inflatables for the kids – and food for all. Metairie Baptist is offering this as a gift to our neighborhood so we ask that you would help us by:

>Inviting your neighbors and friends to attend.

>Making plans to attend – we need you to come and help. Some will be needed to help with certain activities (see Mitch Mares) but all are needed to come and meet & greet others attending the block party. Our church has been known as a family friendly church – so let’s demonstrate that to our neighborhood.

>Praying most importantly. Please pray for those attending. We want to let others know that we have found hope in Christ – that is the reason we are putting this entire event together.

Don’t forget to join us on Sunday for worship. I will continue the new sermon series entitled “Stained Glass Sermons.” This week I will be preaching on the character of Abraham – the second character portrayed in the faceted glass windows. Last week we learned a lesson on obedience from the life of Noah. This week the lesson from Abraham’s life is a lesson on faith! If you were unable to attend last week, you can access the sermons by means of our website: .

As always, be certain of my prayers for you. If we can be of any help or pray specifically with you, please let us know.

Blessings to you,

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