Metairie Missive

Greetings and Happy Independence Day!  I am grateful for the freedom that we have in America – and I fear that we take it for granted way too much.  In addition, though, I am greatly rejoicing in the freedom that is found in Christ.  Paul stated in Gal. 5:1: “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.”  My prayer is that on this day we are able to rejoice and enjoy our freedom!
         We had a great Church Council meeting this past Sunday night.  Thank you to all who took the time to come as we continually seek after God’s direction for the upcoming days.  You will be hearing more about some of the decisions in the days ahead.  I would ask that you join us in praying about three specific matters:
*.  Pray for God’s continued direction as we seek to deepen our relationship with Christ.  God has used His church at MBC to accomplish great ministry in and through the church.  In addition, He continues to work in the hearts of the members to draw us closer to Him.  We want to make certain, though, that we never substitute “doing” for “being” the people God wants us to be in the future. 
*.  Pray for our renewed emphasis upon making prayer a foundation of who we are and all we do.  Metairie Baptist Church has been known as a church of prayer, and there are many faithful pray-ers.  We want to make certain that prayer is continually woven into the fabric of our entire church. 
*.  Pray for our church stewardship.  I rejoice weekly as I am aware of many faithful disciples who give generously and graciously to the ministry of Metairie Baptist through tithes and offerings to the church budget.  We have gone through a challenging time, though, where our tithes and offerings have been less than projected. Would you pray for God’s continued moving among the members to give sacrificially in order that the ministry of the church continues unhindered?  I am confident that God is faithful.  So, let’s press forward in obedience and faithfulness.
         This month we are continuing our mission effort to help the ministry of the Friendship House.  You can participate as you are able by bringing the items beside your birth month and placing them in the Orion Foyer throughout the month of July.

January – utensils
February – oatmeal or grits
March – cups
April – boxed mac and cheese
May – bowls
June – soup
July – plates
August – canned vegetables or fruit
September – paper towels or napkins
October – beans or rice
November – drink mix
December – pasta or sauce

         We are looking forward to worshipping together on Sunday, July 8.  I will continue the series, Sermons in Stained Glass, by looking at David:  A Lesson on Restoration.  Make Bible Study/Sunday School and Worship a priority on Sunday. I look forward to seeing you there.

         Enjoy your day!

Thankful to be on the journey,

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