Metairie Missive

Good Wednesday Morning!  Have you ever had one of those days where you wished that time would just slow down so that you could finish what needs to be done?  That is my wish today but time keeps moving forward so let me catch you up on a few quick matters related to Metairie Baptist:

*.  Gladeville Baptist Church from Lebanon, TN has faithfully been coming to New Orleans since Katrina to help with the recovery and ministry in the city. We have been given the opportunity to host them each time they have come and they have blessed our church in many ways – and also been used in many great ways through ministry in our city.  As an act of gratitude to our church for hosting them throughout these years, they are installing new carpet in the sanctuary!  The Sanctuary Decoration Committee chose the carpet; the carpet itself is being paid for by the gift from the estate of Jewell Jones.  The labor and the installation are given to us by the workers from Gladeville. When you come to church on Sunday you will have the joy of seeing the new carpet and also of noticing some minor renovations which are taking place in the balcony, such as the installation of a booth for the computer/media and the eventual replacement of the chairs in the balcony.

*.   As a result of the progress that is being made in the installation of the carpet, we will be meeting tonight for Bible Study and prayer in the Fellowship Hall.  I invite you to join us early for Fried Chicken (the menu has changed since the bulletin was printed due to a variety of circumstances) and then stay for Bible Study.  By the way, we know you will want to peek at the carpet tonight – but you will not be able to do so because the glue is still drying around the entrances to the sanctuary. So – no peeking!

*.  Our Fifth Sunday Fellowship Breakfast is quickly approaching.  It will be held on July 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.  One of the emphases of this breakfast will be asking for you to make a commitment to pray for one of our students or teachers.  This will be done in such a manner that you will be able to pick a name and pray for that person at home in your regular time of prayer.  In order to compile the list of students and teachers, we are asking for parents, students, and teachers to fill out an information form.  The form is available in the Orion Foyer, and it is also attached to this email.  You can return the forms to the office.  The fellowship at the breakfast is always great so make plans to be a part of this happening.

*.  Don’t forget that this is the last week to nominate Deacons for the upcoming year.


*.  We are taking a break this month from the Gathering.  This was done last year as an opportunity to regroup and prepare for the upcoming year – and we are using it for the same purpose this year.

*.  I trust you have been praying with us.  I continue to sense God preparing for a great year ahead.  Please continue to join us in a time of concentrated prayer for God’s continued direction for Metairie Baptist.

*.  I wanted you to know that Matt Knight has submitted his resignation as the Youth Minister.  His ministry at Metairie Baptist Church will conclude on Sunday, July 29, though we know that the impact of his ministry will continue.  Please be in prayer for Matt as he continues to take steps of obedience and as he is seeking after God’s next direction.  In order to express our appreciation to Matt for his great ministry at Metairie Baptist, a reception will be given in his honor on Wednesday night, July 25, immediately following the Bible Study/Prayer time.  We are thankful for Matt and will certainly miss him!


On a personal note, thank you for your concern for my family and especially my Father and Mother. Your notes and prayers are so appreciated.  His situation has basically remained unchanged over the last days – he is still in ICU and struggling with pneumonia as well as a host of other challenges.  I have written several times that from an earthly perspective, his prognosis is not good.  But I must tell you that in the midst of much angst that we are feeling as we are watching Dad walk through these days, I am rejoicing greatly that the earthly perspective is not our only perspective!  God’s grace continues to sustain him and Mom – for that I rejoice and I ask that you continue to pray with us.

I also rejoice greatly in being your pastor.  Make Sunday School and Sunday Worship a priority. This week I am preaching from my favorite gospel:  Stained Glass Sermons:  Mark – A Lesson on Jesus as the Way!

On the journey,

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