Metairie Baptist Missive

Good morning!  I trust you are doing well.  Just as many others have started back to school, I too have started this week and it has been a great week (though very busy trying to get back into the routines).  A few weeks ago we made a commitment as a church to pray for our students and teachers.  Many of us received individuals for whom we committed to pray.  I encourage you to continue to pray for them – this is one of the best gifts we can give them for the upcoming year.  I have a reminder on my desk which I constantly see and I breathe a prayer for my student each time.  Won’t it be great to hear how God has worked in the lives and through the lives of these students and teachers this year?  Imagine the potential impact!  You can be a part of this through continuing to pray – and if you don’t have a specific individual but would like a person, please contact the office or join us in praying in a broader sense for all of our students and teachers.
We had quite a Sunday at Metairie Baptist this past week.  The heavens opened and it appears that we had a semi-Noah experience.  We missed those of you who were unable to be at church because of the tremendous rain but we were thankful for those of you who were able to attend and to participate.  If you missed the service but would like to hear it, you can find it under the “Downloads” tab on the website –
For the upcoming week:

*.  Make plans to join us tonight for Bible Study and Prayer at 6:10 p.m. in the Sanctuary.  I will continue our study of “Encountering the New Testament” as we look at the book of 2 Peter.  We will also have a time of prayer for our friends who are walking through some challenging times.   Remember that the children and youth have great activities planned for them beginning at 6:00 p.m.

*.  Supper returns tonight!  Join us beginning at 5:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall for our fellowship supper.  We have invited many visitors so if you see someone you don’t know tonight, be certain to use this as an opportunity to get to know them.

*.  On Sunday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., the Men’s Ministry will be hosting an organizational and planning meeting.  This will be an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship together and to dream of what God wants to do in this ministry.  All men are invited.  If you have questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact Mitch at

*.  THE GATHERING IS RETURNING!  After taking a month off, we are back on our regular meeting schedule – the Gathering meets every 4th Sunday.  This week we will be involving all in a variety of activities which include the opportunity to get to meet new friends, hear of mission work taking place in and through the church, and anticipating/planning for our next month’s emphasis.
*.  Don’t forget there is still time to bring your items we will be sending to the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women at St. Gabriel.  This emphasis will come to a conclusion at the Gathering so don’t delay in bringing your items!

A few weeks ago during the Sunday morning service, many of you committed to pray daily for God’s work in and through the church.  First, let me thank you for your commitment.  Second, let me encourage you to continue.  I honestly believe that God has great plans for MBC and that He wants to continue working among us in a way that He receives the glory.  Pray specifically for this Sunday as we gather for Bible Study, Worship, and the Gathering.  By the way, I will be preaching on John the Baptist this Sunday as I continue the series “Stained Glass Sermons.”

I am thankful for you and thankful to be with you on the journey.  My verse for the day is Psalm 34:4:  “I sought the Lord, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.”
On the journey,

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