Metairie Missive

                Good morning!  I trust that you are all well and safe – I have been praying for you specifically as we have walked through a very busy time at Metairie Baptist and in our city.   As a part of my quiet time, besides reading through Scripture, I am reading a book by Greg Frizzell entitled Return to Me: 21 Days to Power and Passion for God.  In the opening pages, Greg wrote:  “It is crucial to realize that victory never comes by legalism or self-effort. From beginning to end, victory comes by trusting Christ’s life and victory in us!  Only by faith can we believe Christ to live through us in the power of the Holy Spirit.” (pg 7)  I am praying that you will by faith know the victory that comes by trusting Christ daily.

                Let me begin by sharing some great news.  For those of you who were unable to attend the business meeting on Sunday, we voted as a church to purchase the Davis property which is on the corner of Bonnabel and Codifer.  This is the property that is adjacent to the property with our building. This purchase will complete the footprint of our property so that we will soon own all the lots between Orion and Bonnabel.  This is exciting news.  We are thankful for the Davis family allowing us to have the first opportunity.  I am also thankful for the Trustees and the Stewardship Committee who has sought diligently during a very busy time to deal with all the details – and they have done well!  Now is the time for us to join together and to match our actions with our hearts.  We believe that God has given us this opportunity – the vote to affirm this decision was an overwhelming majority.  If we believe this, now we have to follow this with action by giving towards the purchase of the property.  Over the next weeks, the Stewardship Committee will begin setting up a campaign to complete the process.  Begin to pray now about how God would have you be a part of this exciting endeavor.

                Tonight is Business Meeting – don’t forget that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of the church with the result that we are accountable to Him.  We are stewards of His church – and the business meeting is a chance to demonstrate that we are being good stewards.  Tonight you will not only be hearing the latest about our financial status as we look at the monthly expenses from January, but you will also hear a report from Building and Grounds about the custodian house update, an update from the Trustees about the property purchase, and some discussion about our continued focus on the vision and theme for this year.  Come hear and be a part of the discussion.

                Deeper in the Word; further in the world!   As you contemplate our theme for the year, consider these upcoming opportunities:

                1.  Deeper in the Word:  Join us Sunday for Bible study during Sunday School at 9:15 a.m.  One of the great opportunities for growth is to be a part of small group Bible study – with the bonus of developing great friendships as well. Also, the Sunday morning service will include a great time of worship and the continuation of our series “Identity Crisis:  Who We Are In Christ.”  This week we will think together what it means to be “Sojourners.”  Some translations use the word “aliens” to describe us.  In order not to cause any confusion though I will lean towards the former as we are reminded that we are not home (yet!).

                2.  Deeper in the WordOur men’s and women’s Bible studies will resume next Wednesday, Feb. 20.  If you were not able to attend last time, you can still come this week with no problem.  These studies are designed to encourage you to think about your life with Christ. I am excited about what God is going to do through these times together on Wednesday night.

                3.  Deeper in the Word, Further in the world:  Our youth are preparing to go to Centrifuge youth camp this summer. During camp, they will be challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ through studying the word and through being used by Him in their daily lives.  In order to help pay for the trip, the youth are hosting a Jambalaya Fund Raiser!  The meals can be picked up after the morning service on March 3 but you will need to purchase your tickets now.  Youth are selling the tickets or you can purchase them in the Orion Foyer at the conclusion of the Sunday morning service.

                4.  Deeper in the Word, Further in the worldFamily Ministry Day is coming on March 16.  This is one of our major events at Metairie Baptist each year as we demonstrate love to our community.  All are invited – and there will be several different activities in which you can participate.  Look for more information which will be forthcoming – and also know that information is available in the Orion Foyer.  Save the date!

                I encourage you to stay in touch with what is taking place at Metairie Baptist Church by checking out the website at  A page has been added which includes all the information from the Vision 2013 Sunday.  Also, you will find bulletins, prayer lists, and sermons posted each week in case you missed the day or in case you wanted to review.

                These are exciting days at Metairie Baptist. You can feel the momentum as God is doing a great work among us.  Don’t miss out on what God wants to do in your life. I look forward to seeing you tonight!


On the journey,


Jn. 3:30

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