Metairie Missive

According to an article on Yahoo this morning, the average American consumes 23 gallons of coffee per year.  This is of great concern to coffee vendors because in 1946, the average American consumed 48 gallons of coffee per year.  While coffee consumption in American is on the decline, it continues to rise and be strong around the world.  The highest consumption is among the Finns who consume an average of 62 gallons of coffee per year.  Though these trends are of some interest, a trend of greater interest is that found within the church of America.  In America today, the level of commitment to the ministry and to participation in the local church continues to decline.  Ironically, in other areas of the world, particularly those experiencing great difficulties and persecution, the commitment to the church is growing! Would you continue to be willing to make a commitment to the ministry of Metairie Baptist Church as we seek to change that trend?  By the way, we do so not because we desire for Metairie Baptist to earn a great reputation, but we do so because we serve a great God who has loved us with an incredible love.  Join us on the journey this year as we go “Deeper in the Word, further in the world.”


                Consider these opportunities that are upcoming at Metairie Baptist:


                *.  Our Wednesday Night Bible Studies resume this week.  Join us at 6:10 for the Ladies’Bible Study led by Betty Frechette (in the Parlor), the Men’s Bible Study led by Zac Breckenridge (in the large conference room near the nursery), and the Bible Study/Prayer Time led by Mitch Mares (in the Evergreen Room).  If you were not able to be a part of these studies when they met last time, you can join this week with no problem.  The studies are designed so that you can join them as you are able, though we are encouraging you to be diligent in your attendance and participation.


                *. The Gatheringis this Sunday night at 5:00 p.m. (NOTE THE NEW TIME!)  We will be experiencing a “Smorgasbord of Prayer” as we are encouraged to pray in ways perhaps that we haven’t thought of before.  As always, come to enjoy the fellowship as well – and refreshments will be served as a part of the conclusion of the Gathering.


                *.  The Annual Missionary Luncheon is this Monday, Feb. 25.  The entire purpose of the luncheon is to love on our missionaries who give so much to our city.  All (Yes, men, too!) are invited to join us.  There will be a potluck lunch served along with the opportunity to fellowship with the missionaries from Global Maritime Ministry, the Friendship House, and our local Baptist Collegiate Ministry. We will also hear about their plans for 2013 and how we can pray, support, and participate. Please make every effort to come and bring a lunch dish ready to be served. Please arrive by 11 am so that we can be ready to serve by 11:30. Let us use this opportunity to be a blessing to those who bless so many.


                *.  Crescent City Praise is Thursday, Feb. 28, at 7:00 p.m. in the Leavell Chapel on the campus of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  This will be a great time of worship which will have a combined choir made up of members from churches throughout our area – including members from our MBC choir.  All are invited to attend – and of course, there is no admission charge!


                *.  The Youth are hosting a Jambalaya Fundraiseron March 3 immediately following the morning service.  Tickets are being sold for $7 each and the proceeds will go towards helping the youth attend Centrifuge this summer.  You can purchase tickets by seeing a youth, contacting the church office, or by contacting Daniel at church or by means of


                *. Family Ministry Day is March 16.  Continue to listen for details in the weeks ahead, but make this day a priority. Many options will exist so that all will find something that can be done.  This is one of our major opportunities to reach out to our community in order to express Christ’s love to them.  Begin to pray now for great weather and greater effectiveness!


                *. Continue to pray about the opportunity to be a part of a mission experience this summer. Though the details are still being finalized, you can prepare your heart by praying that you would sensitive to God’s leading regarding this mater.


                By now you have heard that we are well along the way of purchasing the Davis property.  This has been a dream of many in the church for years as a part of the vision to continue to spread Christ’s love through the ministry.  You will be hearing of opportunities to support financially this property purchase as the Stewardship Committee publicizes a campaign in the weeks ahead.  This is truly an exciting time.  You can be a part of God’s work by preparing to give sacrificially to this effort (above your regular tithes and offerings).


                Let me close this Missive by reminding you of the importance of spending time with God each day.  As a youth, I was challenged to develop a regular time each morning with God to read His word, to pray, to listen, and to prepare myself for the day. Though there have been days in which I have “missed” the opportunity, the times of starting my day with Him are priceless.  So, take the personal opportunity today to go“Deeper in the Word and Further in the World.” If you would like some hints about how to do this, don’t hesitate to let me know.


                Praying for you and thankful for you – and thankful for God’s work in us and through us!


On the journey,


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