Metairie Missive

As I was getting ready this morning, I heard on the WWL news that a recent study indicated that women speak on the average 20,000 words per day and men speak 7,000 words per day.  Now, before any one gets upset or thinks they have an idea of what I am about to say – read on.  First, let’s admit that we know of exceptions to both of these – many women say much less and many men say much more.  Nonetheless, what would happen if we used as many words as possible each day to encourage others to know Christ or to encourage them to continue to walk faithfully with Christ, whether we speak 7,000 or 20,000 a day?  We all know the power of words – and have probably been both encouraged and discouraged by the words spoken to us.  So let us determine this week to speak in such a manner that people know Christ better from our conversations.  See Col. 3:17!

                What a great weekend and start of the week we have had at Metairie Baptist!  Sunday was a great day of worship and without question the Spirit was at work in the hearts of those present.  The Gathering was a tremendous encouragement as we enjoyed fellowship and also deepened our understanding of prayer – and the way we can put prayer into practice as a part of our everyday lives.  On Monday, our annual Missionary Luncheon was hosted by the ladies of the church (and the men as well!).  We had a wonderful time of encouraging our local missionaries, enjoying a great time of fellowship with them, and hearing what God is doing in and through their ministries.  Of course, we also enjoyed a great meal together!  The Evergreens met yesterday for a wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship!  Thanks to all who planned and supported all these happenings!

                As you consider the remainder of the week . . .

                *. Tonight our small group Bible Studies continue!  It is not too late to join if you have not been yet and if you have been in attendance you will not want to miss the opportunity for going “Deeper in the Word.”  The studies begin tonight at 6:10 p.m.

                *.  Tonight is the last night to purchase tickets for the Youth Jambalaya Fund Raiser.  The Youth are selling tickets for $7 so don’t hesitate – and remember that the food will be served and available after the morning service on March 3.

                *.  Tomorrow night, Thursday, is a special opportunity of worship at the Leavell Chapel on New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  “Crescent City Praise” will feature a choir from various churches throughout the city.  The service begins at 7 p.m.  If you would like to join others in riding from the church, the bus will be leaving from the Orion parking lot at 6:15 p.m.  All are invited and there is no cost involved.

                *.  All Sunday School teachers and leaders are encouraged to attend the SS Leadership Meeting this Saturday beginning at 9 a.m.  Join us for a time of learning and encouragement – as well as hearing of some special Easter Plans that are beginning to unfold!

                *.  Family Ministry Day is coming quickly – March 16.  Make plans to be a part of this exciting and special day in which we as an entire church family gather together for the purpose of missions and ministry. Something will be available for all to participate in – neither age nor ability are barriers to participation –from the youngest to those with the most experience in life!

                *.  Please note that at the last Business Meeting, the church voted unanimously to adjust the time when the monthly business meetings are held. In order to not interfere with the small group Bible studies which are being held on Wednesday night, we are moving Business Meeting.  Beginning this month, Church Council will meet on the third Sunday, March 17, at 5:00 p.m.  Business Meeting will be held immediately after the Council meeting at 6:00 p.m. on the same evening.  We encourage you to come and be a part of both of these discussions as we seek to continue to do all that God has called us to do.

                I look forward to seeing you tonight.  Don’t forget to be faithful in your daily and personal study of God’s word.  Let’s continue to make a commitment to go “Deeper in the Word” with the result that we will go “Further into the world.” 

On the journey,

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