Metairie Missive

On this day in 1896, Charles Brady King combined a one-cylinder gasoline engine and a carriage – and he drove into history. He was the first person to drive an automobile on the streets of Detroit. Though the car could only go 5 miles per hour, he foresaw that there was potential for this new invention. Ironically, King decided not to start a business producing this automobile. On that first trial, a good friend rode on a bicycle beside King as he drove his carriage. Later this good friend decided it would be a wise investment to reproduce these automobiles so he continued to refine the invention and opened a factory. Who was King’s friend? Henry Ford.

I wonder how many times we have been like King – hesitant to act and move forward. At Metairie Baptist Church, we have seen God’s hand at work and have felt it as He has given direction and vision. Let us always commit to God that we will be willing, not hesitant, to move forward as we seek to be a part of His working in our city. Let us continue to make our directive for the year to go “deeper in the Word and further into the world.”

Last Sunday was a great Sunday. We experienced a great time of worship and Bible study. God blessed our church by bringing Dr. and Mrs. Field (Erin) Smith to our church. They joined by letter indicating that they felt God was calling them to be a part of the mission and ministry of Metairie Baptist. You will want to take an opportunity to welcome the Smith’s and to meet their wonderful family.





Thank you to all who participated in the Youth Jambalaya Fund Raiser. Not only did we have a chance to have a great meal, but the youth were able to raise a considerable amount of money which will be used for their summer trip to Centrifuge.





A special thanks as well to those who come prepared to be a part of the ministry at MBC each Sunday morning. The list is long but included in that list are our wonderfully faithful Sunday School teachers (and our Sunday School Director Beth Masters who helps keep all focused on the ministry of Sunday School), our greeters who make all feel welcome, our choir members/accompanists who use their talents to lead us in worship, our ushers who help people prepare for worship as they enter the sanctuary, our Gatekeepers who continue to provide ministry throughout the service, and our Extended Teaching Care workers who week after week give of their efforts to demonstrate Christ’s love for the youngest of our children during the worship services. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you would like to know more of how you can get involved in one of these ministries – speak up and let us know. We can help you find more information.

A few reminders for the days ahead:

*YES – we continue Bible Study tonight. Personally, I am enjoying greatly the men’s Bible study and have heard the same of the other studies. Come and join us tonight as we continue to deepen our understanding of God’s word and work. The studies begin at 6:10 p.m. tonight. Remember to come early for our great fellowship supper which begins at 5:00 p.m.

*The Deacons will be meeting this Sunday night at 5:00 p.m. Please continue to pray for this group of men as they seek to fulfill the ministry of service at MBC. Also, a ladies’ group gathers to pray in the parlor for the ministries of the church during the Deacons’ Meeting.

*Next Sunday, March 17, we will have our regular Church Council meeting at 5:00 p.m. which will be followed by our regular Business Meeting at 6:00 p.m. You are both invited and encouraged to attend these important meetings of the church. As a reminder, we adjusted the time of these meetings in order to insure that we had more consistent time in Bible study on Wednesday night (this adjustment happened as result of a discussion

*Family Ministry Day is quickly approaching – March 16. Please sign up to participate in one of the ministries if you have not already. Our goal is to have as many of our members as possible involved in ministry on that Saturday morning. Teams will be involved in inviting our neighborhood to our Easter services by means of a blitz, providing a free car wash for the neighborhood, visiting some of our home bound, and encouraging our firepersons by visiting their stations with treats. In addition, activities will be available at the church for those who are unable to go out so no one will want to miss this opportunity. We are concluding our time together with a pizza lunch! This may be your first time to be involved in Family Ministry Day or perhaps you are a veteran by this time – regardless I can assure you that God will bless you and bless your efforts on this day so don’t miss the blessing!

*The Gathering is March 24 – and this will be a very intimate time of worship. We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper as we stop and remember the events of this final week that Jesus walked upon the earth before His crucifixion – and the incredible sacrifice He made for us as He died upon the cross. I honestly believe this will give new meaning to our Easter worship which will follow the next week.

*Easter is coming! March 31 will be a great day of worship and celebration at Metairie Baptist Church. We are adjusting our schedule slightly on that morning. Sunday School will begin at the regular time (9:15 a.m.) and will be shortened slightly. A Fellowship Breakfast will take place beginning at 9:45 a.m. in which all are encouraged to attend – and instructions will soon be coming about what you can bring to help. Our worship service will begin at the regular time—10:30 a.m. – as we celebrate the fact that Jesus lives! Make attendance a priority, begin now to pray for this special day, and invite your friends and family.

*In preparation for Easter, I will begin a series dealing with some of the events in the life of Jesus leading up to the empty tomb: “The Path to Ultimate Forgiveness.” Many of you know that this is my favorite time of the year to preach. I find great joy and tremendous excitement each time I am reminded of God’s gift of salvation through Jesus. I also find myself humbled and in an attitude of worship as I am overwhelmed at the sacrifice that was made for me.





I look forward to seeing you tonight. I am praying that God will continue to work in your lives so that each day you will know Him better. Don’t forget to go “deeper in the Word and further into the world.”

As I was about to send this email, I just received a call that Rev. John Vandercook just passed away. John is the founder and former executive director of Global Maritime Ministries. His son, Philip, is the current director. For those of you who were at the Missionary Luncheon, you will remember that both Philip and his wife, Sandy, were present. Please be in prayer for the Vandercook family.

On the journey,




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