Metairie Missive

Spring is upon us! I trust you have been enjoying the days that God has given us – each and every day is a gift from God, and each day provides another opportunity to know Him better and to be used by Him to make a difference in someone’s life. Who today is God bringing across your path? Jesus reminded us that the opportunities abound when He spoke of the “fields which are white unto harvest.” (John 4:35)

We have had great days at Metairie Baptist Church. Easter Sunday was a great day of worship which began with Sunday School and a fellowship breakfast. I rejoiced when I saw the intermingling of the various classes during the breakfast – and I rejoiced when I saw the welcoming heart towards those who were visiting. Thank you to the hospitality committee for your service and servant hearts. Thank you as well to the children and to the choir for their leadership during the service.

Throughout this month, we will also be challenged to “Step Into the Future.” God has provided an opportunity for us to purchase the property on the corner of Codifer and Bonnabel. For many years, the church has been looking forward to the opportunity to purchase the property – and now is the time to “step into the future” and to buy the property. We are anticipating that the closing of the property will be in the next days. As a result, we are going to have a special offering on May 5 for the purpose of raising additional money to apply to the purchase of the property. Throughout the month you will be hearing more about this special offering but I would ask that you begin now to pray about how God would have you give. It is imperative that we see this offering for the property as a gift above and beyond our tithes as the regular offering is necessary for the ongoing ministries of the church. This is our chance to give sacrificially in order to provide a future venue for further ministry.

I have begun a new sermon series this month entitled “Spring Into Action.” Since it is the season of Spring and since Jesus is alive as we celebrated throughout Easter, it is time for those of us who know that Jesus is alive to be involved in living for Him. I will be challenging you to incorporate four actions into your lives. Last week I challenged you to give as a recognition and response to the grace that God has given us. Because He has been overwhelmingly gracious towards us, we should respond with hearts full of gratitude as demonstrated through our tithes and offerings. This week I will be challenging you to be involved in “going” for Christ – making a difference in this world. Begin to pray now that God would use the service to encourage us and that by the end of the month, we as a church would be more committed to “giving, going, growing, and guiding.”

Don’t forget to make tonight a priority as we enjoy our fellowship supper and as we learn from our Bible Studies. God has been using these times to impact our lives – and you will not want to miss out on God’s working. The supper starts at 5:00 p.m. and the Bible Studies start at 6:10 p.m. Remember that we have something for all ages!

Thank you for your faithfulness in all you do as a part of the ministry of Metairie Baptist. We are the church – it isn’t a building but a group of people who are on mission for God and who desire to come together for the purpose of worship and growth. May God bless you with a deeper and richer knowledge of who He is as you follow after Him in obedience.

On the journey,



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