Metairie Missive

Good morning!  I wanted to start this missiveby letting you know of an exciting opportunity that is happening this Sunday.  On Sunday evening, we will be having the Gathering at 5:00 in the Fellowship Hall.  This Gathering will be unique in that we are celebrating our partnership with Live Oak Baptist Church in Pointe Aux Chenes.  Specifically during church council, we have been praying and seeking ways to partner with a church in order to encourage them in their ministry and to help as we are able.  God led us to this specific church – and the result is the “Bayou Connection.”  We are still very much in the early stages of this partnership; our plans though are to be engaged in ministry alongside of Live Oak for the foreseeable future.

                Here’s how you can help:

                1.  Make plans to attend the Gathering. The pastor of Live Oak Baptist, Matt Choeust, will be attending.  We hope to utilize the time to get to know him and the ministry at Live Oak better.  Our goal is also to pray for him, for his family, and for the ministry.

                2.  In addition, we wanted to do something extra to affirm and to encourage the pastor at Live Oak – and at the last church council meeting we decided to give Matt and his family an old fashioned “pounding.” For those of you who may not know what is a “pounding,”it is a chance to provide a love gift to the Chouest family.  In days gone by, a family would be welcomed into the community by having the neighbors bring a pound of something to help stock their pantries.  We thought this would be a good way to let them know that we are excited to work beside them in the future.  By the way, Matt is married and they have a 14 year old son.  We are asking you to bring any of the following by Sunday evening in order to give a gift to the family – to “pound” them: (you can leave your items in the appropriate buckets in the Orion Foyer)

                *Anything from canned goods to cake mix that would make a good pantry staple.  (Items which either do not expire or do not expire for months).

                *Any variety of gifts cards from general merchants like Walmart, Best Buy, Academy Sports.

                *Cards from large recognizable food merchants like McDonald’s, Smoothie King, etc.  (Avoid places that are only found in the New Orleans area.)

                On a different note, we did have a great Business Meeting/Church Council Meeting on Sunday night.  Several items of importance were discussed.  First, you should be aware that our finances are very tight at church.  Though we are being very cautious with expenses, our receipts have not equaled our expenses.  The Stewardship Committee is keeping a close eye on the finances.  I am thankful for your faithfulness in your personal stewardship and want to encourage you to continue to be faithful as we earnestly desire for nothing to impact the ministries taking place at Metairie Baptist. Second, we are planning on hosting a weekend conference which will assist all in the process of sharing the hope found in Jesus with others.  This will take place in September though details are still being finalized. Third, we are making plans to begin men’s and women’s Bible studies in August as we resume our regular schedule for Bible Study on Wednesday night.  Fourth, we voted to affirm Mark Desoto’s decision to pursue further ministry training at NOBTS.  Also, a directory is in the process of being planned, the Gatherings are being changed to once a quarter, and the Fall Festival is beginning to be planned.  Many other details were discussed, but these are some of the highlights. 

                A special thanks to all who helped with the Strength Team event which occurred last Friday night.  Many worked behind the scenes to help with the planning and all the details.  A special thanks to Mitch for his leadership in this event.  The time together was impacting as a clear presentation of the gospel was given and lives were changed.  Continue to pray for the ministry of the Strength Team and for the continued impact of their ministry upon Metairie Baptist.

                Join us tonight as we consider the spiritual discipline of prayer.   In each Christian’s life, the discipline of Bible study and prayer are absolutely essential if we are to be all that God wants us to be.

                I am looking forward to seeing you.  Be certain of my continued prayers for you and do not hesitate to let me know specifically how I can pray for you by replying to me. Also, continue to pray for Linnie Seal and her family, for George and Doshie Pagan, for Mark Desoto’s father, for Helen Wood and Lib Keller, for Kerstin Graythen, and for many others.


On the journey,


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