Metairie Missive – August 7

I believe that we would all agree that it is “HOT” outside!  Though we agree on the heat, we often concentrate on the many things about which we are unable to agree, such as politics or the best place to buy a snowball.  But there is one thing we can all agree on – God’s grace is absolutely amazing. Starting this week, I will begin a series on Paul’s letter to the Galatians.  Paul reminds us that we are saved purely by God’s grace.  He also reminds us that our salvation is secure by God’s grace. “Saved by grace, secure by grace.” Make plans to join us Sunday as we begin a journey that will take us verse by verse through this great letter.


Another great opportunity to study together is coming your way soon.  Make plans to join the Men’s and Women’s Bible study groups on Wednesday night. These will begin the first Wednesday of September.  During the study, we are encouraging every person to participate in the study, “I Am a Church Member.”  This study will provide an opportunity for the attitudes and the responsibilities of church membership to be discussed.  Each one of us will be challenged to become a church member that truly honors God through our participation in the life of Metairie Baptist Church.  Listen for more details in the upcoming days.

Don’t forget to continue to pray for the “Bayou Connection.”  This past weekend Metairie Baptist participated in two ministry opportunities with Live Oak Baptist.  Daniel and our youth led in a lock-in with the youth from there.  In addition, a group of 8 went down to help with a community ministry on Saturday morning.  Many others are engaged in dedicated prayer for their continued effectiveness of the ministry at Live Oak.  Join me in continuing to pray for God’s work in and through the life of Live Oak Baptist Church and Pastor Matt Chouest.


If you are able, please remember to bring items for the Compassion Kits.  The Evergreens will be compiling the items at their regular August meeting.  Donations are due by Sunday, August 25.  All items may be brought to the Orion Foyer and dropped into the appropriate buckets.  Please consider bringing the following items according to your birth month:


*January –April:  Canned Meat

*May –June:  Granola Bars

*July –August:  Peanut Butter/Cheese and Crackers

*September—October:  Fruit Snacks

*November –December:  Bottled Water

Each of these items will be placed in Ziploc bags so that they can be given to those who are homeless and hungry. 

I look forward to seeing you tonight.  Join us for Bible study and prayer time at 6:10 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.


On the journey,


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