Metairie Missive – July 31

Can you believe that it is the last day of July? It seems to me as if we are just starting the summer, and now it is actually over.  For our family, this summer has been busy.  The busyness has also been experienced at Metairie Baptist. But I am thankful as I think through the happenings of the summer that we have not just been doing things, but we have been doing good things for a purpose. Early in my life I discovered the difference between being busy and being on mission (which keeps one busy). Too often we invest our time in things that really don’t matter.  Thankfully God has led Metairie Baptist Church to invest the summer in ways that make a difference.

The Gathering Sunday night was fantastic!  We had a tremendous crowd both from Metairie Baptist and from Live Oak Baptist in Pointe aux Chenes.  This was a great opportunity for us to get to know each better and to make acquaintances with our fellow brothers and sisters in Pointe aux Chenes.  I personally enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Pastor Matt Chouest.  Thank you to all who brought items for the “pounding” – I believe that Matt and his wife were both truly surprised and truly grateful for the encouragement!  Well done, Metairie Baptist!  (I must admit as well that I was extremely proud and thankful for Nathan’s testimony regarding his summer at Centrifuge.)  Thanks as well to Pat, Cheryl, and a host of others for the wonderful treats at the end of the Gathering as we enjoyed fellowship.

As we join hands and partner with Live Oak Baptist Church, you can help in the following ways:

1.  Please make prayer for the church and for their pastor, Matt Chouest, a daily priority.

2.  Join Mitch and others who will be leaving this Saturday at 7:00 a.m. from Metairie Baptist to go to Live Oak Baptist Church to help with the food distribution/community outreach.  This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your love to our neighbors and neighboring communities.  For more details, contact Mitch at504-835-2611 or

3.  Pray for Daniel and the youth as they lead a lock-in for the youth of Live Oak on Friday and Saturday.   If you are interested in helping, there is still room for a couple of more adult chaperones if you would like to participate.  Please contact Daniel for more information at 504-835-2611 or

With summer coming to and end, students are preparing to return to school.  Each year, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary hosts a Student Life Fair to introduce new students to local church ministries.  We will be participating as we have done in the past.  As a welcome gift, we enjoy providing the new students with a package of cookies.  Would you be willing to bake cookies, package them in 3’s, and bring them to the church by Wednesday, August 14?  Carol Wilken is leading this ministry effort and you can contact her for more info: or504-835-2611.

Remember to make your reservations and join us for Family Night Supper.  The reservations can be made by completing a form online at or completing a form which is provided in the Orion Foyer.  The deadline for reservations is Monday noon of each week.

I am looking forward the weeks ahead.  This Sunday we will be participating in the baptism of two young ladies who recently made decisions to stand for Christ.  In the weeks ahead, we are going to resume our Wednesday night Bible studies for men and women.  Many other opportunities are ahead so make plans to join us on the journey at Metairie Baptist.

Be certain of my continued prayers for you and don’t hesitate to let me know how I can pray specifically for you.

On the journey,


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