Metairie Missive – August 21

Good morning!  What a great and busy week this has been.  The week started with a wonderful time of worship on Sunday morning, as well as Sunday School/Bible Study.  We had a great church council/business meeting on Sunday evening.  At the business meeting, we discussed many matters including the receiving of the report from the Ad Hoc Kitchen/Wednesday Night Supper Committee.  The committee recommended that Catherine Bordelon continue to provide our wonderful meals for the Fellowship Meal on Wednesday night.  If you haven’t attended, you have missed a treat – I would encourage you to make your reservations and plan on coming for the great food and the great fellowship!

Personally, I have begun classes this week as many others have.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to teach at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary – and this marks the beginning of my 21st year of teaching on the faculty and 16th as an Academic Dean.  Your prayers are appreciated for this portion of my ministry as I have been given by God a great opportunity to have an impact upon those who will be giving ministerial leadership in the churches for the years to come.

 We have wonderful opportunities ahead for us at Metairie Baptist.  Consider these:

*Men’s Prayer Breakfast will be on Saturday at 7:00 a.m.  Join the men of the church for a time of fellowship and encouragement in the Fellowship Hall.

*Helping Hands will be this Saturday as well beginning at 8:00 a.m.  Helping Hands is a ministry of the church that provides help for those in our church and community who need assistance. In addition, vital help is provided for the church ministry.  The planned ministry this week includes some light painting among other opportunities. You can contact Linda Bordelon for more information at 504-885-9533.

 *The Gathering is this Sunday Night.  Mitch Mares has been planning a special time of encouragement and challenge.  We will be viewing a message that was recorded at a Louisiana Baptist Convention Task Force Meeting.  Phil Cooke preached a powerful sermon and made an exacting challenge.  Make plans to be a part of this special Gathering on Sunday evening at 5:00 a.m.  Come prepared to be challenged!

*Don’t forget to bring your items for the compassion kits.  The Evergreens will be compiling the items at their regular August meeting.  Donations are due by Sunday, August 25.  All items may be brought to the Orion Foyer and dropped into the appropriate buckets.  Please consider bringing the following items according to your birth month:

*January– April:  Canned Meat

*May –June:  Granola Bars

*July –August:  Peanut Butter/Cheese and Crackers

*September—October:  Fruit Snacks

*November– December:  Bottled Water

Each of these items will be placed in Ziploc bags so that they can be given to those who are homeless and hungry. 

*The Evergreens will meet on Tuesday, August 27. Join this great group of people for a fun and encouraging time.  They meet in the Fellowship Hall beginning at10:15 a.m.

Make plans now to join us for a special time of study on Wednesday night beginning the first Wednesday night of September. We will be studying together a book entitled, “I Am A Church Member.”  This study will encourage us to be the individual church members that would help Metairie Baptist Church be all that God desires for the church to be.  Betty Frechette will lead the ladies’ study and Errol Wilken will lead the men’s study.  The books will be available in the church office soon.  [Because the ladies’ study was so large last year, we will have two ladies’ studies – “I Am A Church Member” led by Betty Frechette and a separate Bible study led by Traci Mares.  Since the study is only 6 weeks in length, the ladies will have the opportunity to participate in both of these studies this Fall.]

I look forward to seeing you tonight.  We are going to look at Paul’s prayer for the Philippians as found in Phil. 1. Feel free to bring your Bible tonight!  We will be reminded how we can pray for each other as a church from the study of the passage.  In addition, we will pray for our family and friends during our prayer time.


Praying for God’s grace to be known in your lives today,


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