Metairie Missive — March 28, 2014


               Welcome to the middle of the week! This day is always a good day to stop and reflect upon the days that have passed as we anticipate the days ahead. God spoke through Haggai and told the people to “Consider your ways.” (Hag 1:5) Each day is a gift and an opportunity – so, let’s make certain we are grasping each day as a gift from God!


               Sunday, June 1, is going to be a great day – and you will not want to miss it! During the morning worship service, we will be celebrating the life change that God brings about as we observe the baptism of our new sister in Christ. Also, during the morning worship service, we will be led in worship by Chi Rho, which is the youth choir from First Baptist Church of Cookeville, TN.


               On Sunday afternoon, you are invited to come and participate in the community blitz. We are attempting to invite approximately 2,000 of our neighbors to Vacation Bible School. The time has changed for the blitz – and we are now meeting for the blitz on Sunday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. Joining us will be the youth from Cookeville to support us as we let our community know of the exciting time to be had at VBS.


               SPEAKING OF VBS! A meeting for all those who have signed up to help or are interested in helping will be held on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We are thankful for all who are a part of the ministry of VBS. This meeting will be a time to have your questions answered and to receive additional information.


               Make plans to join us tonight for our final gathering as small groups for this season. We will be meeting again for small groups in the Fall, but throughout the summer we will be meeting as a large group in the Fellowship Hall.


               Thank you to all who were able to be a part of the discussion at Church Council/Business Meeting on Sunday night. God continues to bless his church in Metairie and for that we are thankful. We do have some major decisions ahead – and have made some major decisions as well. On Sunday night, we heard of the strong giving to the church budget this year – and I want you to know that I am thankful for your faithfulness. We also made a decision as a church to establish a line of credit in order to make preparations for the upcoming roof repair/replacement (this decision about the roof of the main building is still pending and will be decided in the upcoming weeks by the church). Ray Pace was elected as a new member of the Trustees, and John Hutto was elected as the Outreach Director for the church.


               In addition, the Deacons recommended at the Business Meeting, and the church voted to affirm, that Mark DeSoto be licensed to the Gospel Ministry. Mark has been an active member of our church and serves in many ways.   He has experienced a call to ministry and licensing is the first step in affirming the call of God upon his life. Recently Metairie Baptist voted to recommend Mark to the seminary where he is currently seeking a degree and continuing his preparation for ministry. This is an exciting time in the life of Mark and in the life of our church.


               I would ask you to continue to pray for many of our members who are walking through some very challenging times. We continue to pray for the Beaman family as God continues to provide comfort for them during this time of mourning.  Remember to pray for Bob and Lillian Bowser, as well as many of our church family members.


               God continues to work in and through Metairie Baptist. Be certain to be a part of all that He is doing – and join us in the ministry. Also, continue to pray for God’s working in the church and in our individual lives. See you tonight.

On the journey,



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