Metairie Baptist Missive — June 18, 2014

               Good morning! I trust that you are doing well and that you have taken the opportunity to spend some time this morning enjoying your relationship with God — reading God’s word and praying. If you haven’t stopped yet, now is a good time to pause for a few moments. I have discovered that it makes a tremendous difference in my life as I make a priority of time with God each day. Also, I know you have discovered this same truth and encourage you to be faithful!


               Please join us tonight for Bible Study and prayer at 6:10. It is my privilege to be able to lead the Bible study tonight. I will begin a study of the Gospel of Mark as we consider what it means to follow Christ daily. Mark is the only gospel that was written specifically for the purpose of discipleship and encouragement to those who were following Christ. The original readers were living in a very difficult time in Rome. Mark, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote to help them discover strength in Jesus Christ for the journey. After the Bible study tonight, we will spend some time praying for our friends and family – and we will pray specifically for our Vacation Bible School ministry.

Vacation Bible School

               As a child, I remember hearing my parents plan for vacation. When they first started talking about it, the event seemed so far away. Then before we knew it, the time had arrived. Much planning has been taking place for VBS. Now, it is here! Vacation Bible School at Metairie Baptist will begin on Sunday night at 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. VBS continues throughout the week and will conclude on Friday night with our Parents’ Night.

               *Leaders and workers of VBS are encouraged to be at the final organizational meeting on Saturday morning (June 21) at 10:00 a.m. in the large children’s room.

               *Invite your neighbors and friends – this is a great time to reach out to those around you and let them know of the wonderful time that one can have at VBS.

               *Come and help! Many of you have volunteered already and we are thankful for your willingness. If you have not volunteered already, please make plans to come and help, even if you cannot help all week. You can contact Leah Weaver or Kathryn Burns for more information (or call the church office to leave a message – 504-835-2611).

               *Remember that we are seeking items as listed in Sunday’s bulletin. These items will help defray the cost of the week.We are collecting the following supplies for VBS. Collection bins will be located in the Orion Foyer.

–            Dry Drink mixes (Kool Aid & Lemonade)

–            Bags of Plain Potato Chips

–            Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Tubes

–            Kid Friendly Desserts (Brownies, Cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, etc.)

–            Egg Cartons

–            Mini Notebooks for each child

–            Scrap Yarn


           *As part of this year’s VBS Missions rotation, we are allowing our kids to be missionaries right where they are! Our kids will be putting together compassion kits during one night’s mission rotation. Could you help us in bringing compassion kit items? We need:

–            Canned Fruit

–            Granola Bars

–            Bottled Water

–            Nuts

–            Packaged Peanut Butter and Crackers

–            Peppermints

–            Travel Size Toiletries

–            White Inexpensive Bath Cloths


               *Make plans to join us on Friday night for Parents’ Night. We want to celebrate the children’s accomplishments, but we also want to let all present know of the great work that God is doing at MBC.

               *Pray – most importantly! Pray for God’s work throughout the week both in the lives of the children and in the lives of the workers.

Business Meeting

               We have delayed our Business Meeting due to VBS. The Church Council/Business Meeting will take place on June 29 at 5:00 p.m.


               Jana and I enjoyed our time away though we are extremely glad to be back home. The meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention reminded me of days past. It was a time that lacked controversy. Instead, a real unity permeated the meeting as we heard of the great things God is doing through the ministries of the SBC. Fred Luter led the convention as president with a real sense of the need for revival. As a result, the sermons were challenging, the reports were inspiring, and the fellowship was encouraging. Though all expected the convention to be a very small convention due to the location being in Baltimore, a larger than expected number registered for the convention (over 5,000) – and we were honored to represent you at the convention.

               I am looking forward to the days ahead. Though they will be busy, they hold so many great opportunities to know God better and to help others know Him.


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