MBC Missive for January 7, 2015

Good morning! Welcome to our first Missive for 2015. I don’t know about you, but it is going to take a little effort to write “2015” instead of “2014.” Last year was a great year at Metairie Baptist. We rejoice over God’s working in and through the church. With great anticipation, we embrace 2015 as a gift from Him. We are looking forward to being a part of His working in the days ahead. Make plans and priorities to join us on this journey through 2015.

I am excited about the beginning of a new group of Bible study/small group studies for tonight. All these groups will begin at 6:10 p.m. and signs in the foyer will direct you to the appropriate room. This will be a great time of spiritual encouragement as you study the truths of Scripture and apply them to life. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy making new friends and enjoying previous friendships. Choose from one of the following:

          *A study for women on the book of Jonah led by Betty Frechette.

          *A study for couples on the book of Ephesians led by Wes/Stephanie Lonsberry and Rick/Karen Coogler.

          *A study for men on basic discipleship led by Mitch Mares.

          *A study for all on the disciple’s personality and God’s will led by me (TStrong).

This past week I began a sermon series on “Life Choices.” Elijah challenged the people of his day by saying, “If God be God, then follow Him.” (1 Kings 18:21). Since we know that God is God, I want to challenge us to live for Him each and every day – to follow Him. This week I will be preaching on Living Biblically as we seek our direction for life from the Word of God and allow God to speak continually to us as we immerse ourselves in His Word. During the upcoming weeks, we will look at living prayerfully, living intentionally, living sacrificially, and living selflessly. Come each week with a willing heart to hear God speak through the worship service and through the sermon. Pray that God will give you specific encouragement and direction for the days ahead as you apply the truths you have been given.

The Women’s Prayer Breakfast will be hosted on Saturday morning for all the ladies of the church at 10:00 a.m. This is always a great time of encouragement and fellowship – so plan on coming (if you are a lady!).

Next Saturday, January 17, the Men’s Ministry will host a city tour for the men of the church. Make plans to be a part of this special opportunity as you not only learn something about our city but as you enjoy being with other men of the church. Invite your family and neighbors as well!

I am so thankful for each of you. Many of you have demonstrated incredible faithfulness to God through the ministries of Metairie Baptist. I want to say “Thanks” – and don’t give up because there is much work/ministry to be done. If you are seeking for a way to get involved, let us know. We will pray with you and seek those opportunities that God is leading you towards. With God’s help and guidance, we can accomplish much this year for His glory and His honor.

As I often say – “Join us on the journey!”

On the journey,

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