MBC Missive for February 4, 2015

Good morning! I know you are like me, but there are some days when you start the day and think to yourself: “I don’t know if I am going to get everything done today!” That is my feeling this morning but I wanted to start by letting you know of my prayer for you and by writing a short Missive. This day is full of busyness and meetings, but you are on my heart!

On Sunday morning, I reminded those present of three great things that happened at MBC this past week (this is just a sampling):

*Our Evergreens met last week on Tuesday. What a great group of people. The fellowship was wonderful, the Bible study led by Garrett Slater was challenging/encouraging, and the food was great!   During the meeting, they decided to participate in supporting the Loaves and Fishes ministry. I am thankful for each of them – and encourage those of you who qualify for this group to recognize that you are fortunate to be among them and to plan on being at their next meeting. They meet the fourth Tuesday of every month.

*Our Wednesday night small groups continue to be great times of fellowship and discipleship. I have enjoyed hearing what God is doing in and through each group. The numbers have remained consistent as we continue to move forward in our studies. If you haven’t made it to one of the groups yet, make plans to come tonight. Out of all the things in our lives that keeps us busy, nothing should prevent us from placing ourselves in positions to grow in our relationship with Christ. Join us tonight beginning at 6:10 p.m.

*Our Youth had a lock-in this past weekend. Twenty-five youth (plus chaperones) were involved in the event! They were able to enjoy time being together, have lots of fun, and be challenged in their walks with Christ. I am thankful for our youth – join me in praying for God’s continued work in them. Also, I am so thankful for Daniel and those who help lead in this ministry.

Remember to bring your items for the Loaves and Fishes Ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to help those who are members at Metairie Baptist who may be walking through difficult times and have a need for food or other basic items. We are stocking a pantry that will be utilized to help these people in crises. You can help by bringing any of the following items and leaving them in the Orion Foyer for this new and important ministry:

*Canned fruit (peaches, pineapple, pears, etc.)
*Dry pasta
*Canned soup (any kind is fine)
*Canned pasta sauce
*Flour (All Purpose)
*Canned chicken or fish (tuna, salmon)
*Hand soap (bar soap or liquid soap)

Each month throughout this year we will be stocking the pantry with different items. If you have a need that can be met by this ministry or know of someone who does, please let one of the deacons know and they will be glad to help. Pray as well that God would use this ministry and those involved for His honor.

As we are planning the days ahead, we have many events just on the horizon: Family Ministry Day, a Day of Preparation for Family Ministry Day, an Easter Blitz, and our special Easter Worship Service to name a few. Many other events are being planned but I encourage you now to make plans to be a part of God’s working in and through MBC as you demonstrate your love to Him and to our community.

I look forward to seeing you tonight!

On the journey,

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