MBC Missive for February 11, 2015

Metairie Baptist Missive

February 11, 2015
“So the world will know, the saved will grow, and the church will go.”

Good morning!  The day is quickly moving forward but I wanted to take a moment to send out a brief Missive.  I trust that you are doing well and growing in your relationship with Christ.

Sunday was a great day.  Immediately following the morning service, our Deacons hosted a luncheon in honor of the widows of our church.  The meal was great, and the fellowship was greater.  A special thanks to all those who helped by preparing the food, decorating, and serving.  Alan Neesley, our chairman, did a great deal of work as he organized the entire event, and he did it well!

During the luncheon, two deacons were honored who passed away recently:  George Pagan and Bob Bowser.  We celebrated their lives.  Also, we remembered their great examples of what it means to be a Christian and a deacon.  They serve as a good encouragement for all of us.

Sam Crosland and Bobby Starr were also honored by being given the status of “Deacon Emeritus.”  This is a new status which is bestowed upon long time deacons who have consistently demonstrated servanthood in their lives.  The Deacon body elected these two to this position of honor and recognition.

On Sunday night, the Youth hosted the Gathering.  What an incredible time of worship and celebrating God’s work in and through our youth.  The Youth led in worship, even introducing us to some of original music that was written by Song.  We also heard testimonies of what God is doing through their times of Bible Study, camp, and fellowships.  A great group was present for the Gathering – and if you missed it, you really missed a great night.  Thanks to Daniel for coordinating the Gathering and the Youth who participated/supported.  Also, thanks to Pat for her organizing the treats!

I would encourage you to note these very important events which are happening soon!  Would you put these on your calendar and make plans now to be a part of these events?  Each of these will provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate your love to Christ through actions and through worship.  More information will be coming in the days ahead for each of these happenings.

*March 29 – Easter Blitz.  We will be placing over 1,000 invitations to our Easter service on the doors of the houses in our neighborhood.

*April 5 – Easter Worship will be a special time of remembering the fact that Jesus lives!

*April 8 – Family Ministry Day Preparation.  We will utilize our Wednesday night time to prepare ourselves for the Family Ministry Day.  Dale Garvin and Patrick Weaver will be leading this preparation time (and they are coordinating the Family Ministry Day).  In addition, we will begin to finalize the organization of the day by getting people to commit to participation in one of the ministry opportunities.

*April 25 – Family Ministry Day.  I honestly believe that every person who professes Christ should be involved in some type of ministry on a regular basis.  We do so not because we are attempting to earn our salvation, but instead we do so as an opportunity to express to God our appreciation for His salvation.  This day will provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved in some type of ministry.  More information will be coming in the days ahead.

Join us tonight for Small Group studies – you are all always welcome.  Come early and enjoy breakfast foods for supper – our Fellowship Meal begins at 5:00 p.m.

I look forward to seeing you tonight and Sunday.  Be certain of my prayers for you.

On the journey,

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