Metairie Baptist Missive for March 5, 2015

Metairie Baptist Missive

March 5, 2015

“So the world will know, the saved will grow, and the church will go.”

Good morning!  I find it hard to believe how much the weather has changed overnight – again.  This Missive is coming to you a day late but it actually has nothing to do with the weather.  I found myself in meetings most of the day yesterday – but I did want to touch base with you on some important matters.

Remember that time change is this Saturday night.  You’ll want to move your clocks forward an hour; otherwise, you will show up at unexpected times at church on Sunday.  Spring forward!  Go ahead now and make your plans to be at church on Sunday ready to hear from God.

One of the many joys I experience as a pastor and member of Metairie Baptist is the opportunity to be a part of the small group studies on Wednesday night.  We had a great time last night filled with encouragement and challenge.  God is doing a great work in and through these groups.  It still isn’t too late to join us next week.  All of these groups are based upon the truth that we believe God wants to have a relationship with us that is alive and vibrant.  The groups meet at 6:10 p.m. on Wednesday (with a Ladies group that also meets on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.) – several options exist so come try one.  For those of you who have been attending, keep up the good progress!

As a part of your walk with Christ, I encourage you to be reading the Bible on a regular basis.  LifeWay Research recently released a survey that indicated that one in five churchgoers read the Bible daily.  About 60% read the Bible at least once a week.  Make a commitment to “get into the Word” daily as you seek direction and encouragement – and as you take the opportunity to learn more about the great God we serve and the wonderful salvation we have received.  We are glad to give you some hints about how to get started if you need them – just let us know.

As you may know, Sunday was my 10th Anniversary as your pastor at Metairie Baptist.  Thank you for all your kind expressions of friendship, prayer, and encouragement.  I am overwhelmingly blessed that God has given me this opportunity.  I do take it serious, and I am also reminded that it is totally because of His grace.  As mentioned Sunday, I am thankful as well to a tremendous family who has prayed for me and continues to be a significant part of the ministry – Jana, Kathryn, Nathan, and Andrew.  They have stood with me, and I love going to church with my family.  As I preached on Sunday, I look forward to the years ahead because I know the God we serve – that He is faithful.  My prayer is that God would be honored in our ministry at MBC and that He would find us faithful – and to that end I will continue to preach and to lead.

Don’t forget to keep passing out TrueLife cards and invite those you encounter to church.

May God bless you today with a deeper understanding of His love for you.

On the journey (still),

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