Metairie Baptist Missive

Metairie Baptist Missive

March 11, 2015

“So the world will know, the saved will grow, and the church will go.”

I started the missive last week by mentioning how the weather has changed again – well . . . .  Looks like it is going to be another rainy day.  I was reminded this morning how we can and should give thanks to God in the midst of the rain.  Perspective often helps us – at least it isn’t snow!  And no one in New Orleans has the fear of a fire due to a drought. The best perspective, though, is not found in comparing ourselves to those who are seemingly less fortunate.  Our best perspective is seen through understanding that this day, regardless of the weather, is a great gift from God.  So, let’s rejoice in it, seek to use it for His honor, and see what He is going to do through us in this day.  Embrace the day, rain and all!

I continue to hear great stories from those who are continuing to give out the TrueLife cards.  Each card given is an opportunity for someone to be invited to church and to hear of the good news of Jesus. By the way, the website ( will provide videos of questions that many of your friends/family may be asking.  Questions such as:  What happens when I die?  Is there a God?  Why does God allow abuse?  How did we get the New Testament?  I would encourage you to take a few minutes to look around the site – it will give you a better understanding of what you are inviting people to view.  Plus, you will probably find some videos of interest to yourself that you would enjoy watching.  You can view the site as often as you like.  Don’t forget to give the card – to someone standing beside you in line, to someone who took care of you at a restaurant, to a friend, to someone to whom you are sending a card/note to encourage them, to anyone!  We have plenty of cards available for you; you can pick them up at church anytime!  By the way, if you have a story about utilizing these cards, please let us hear from you.

Tonight the small groups continue!  Join us at 5:00 – 5:45 for supper and stay for the group studies.  These groups begin at 6:10, and various options are offered.  Remember that there are activities for all ages from birth to life with much seniority.  The small groups are followed by choir practice at 7:00 p.m.  Come and join the choir to become a part of this vital ministry of worship leadership.

Our Business Meeting/Church Council for this month has been postponed until March 22.  We have done so because of the parade on Metairie Road this Sunday.  Make plans to be a part of the meeting on the 22nd – we have some important information to discuss regarding new policies and plans for the future.

Remember to put these important dates on your calendar:

>March 29 – Easter Blitz.  We are asking all who are able to join us at 3:30 on Sunday afternoon to place invitations to our Easter Sunday Worship on the doors of 2500 of our neighbors.  You are definitely needed!

>April 5 – Easter Sunday.  This is always a great time of worship – join us and invite your friends/family to join us for this special time of celebrating the fact that Jesus is alive!

>April 8 – Family Ministry Day Preparation.  During our regular study time on Wednesday night (6:10 p.m.), we will be meeting as a church (all are invited and encouraged to attend) to organize for the upcoming Family Ministry Day.  This will give us all a chance to hear of the various ministry opportunities, to provide your input, and to receive a brief training so we will be ready for Family Ministry Day.

>April 25 – Family Ministry Day.  We are encouraging our entire church family to gather at Metairie Baptist Church on Saturday morning for a day of ministry.  You will have the opportunity to participate in various ministries – and something will be available for all ages.  Come ready to be a part of the effort and to enjoy the fellowship.

I am thankful for you and have been praying daily for you.  My continued prayer is the same as Paul prayed for the Philippians:  “And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ.” (Phil 1:9-10)

I look forward to seeing you tonight and Sunday!


  1. Thomas Strong III, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor

Metairie Baptist Church

401 Codifer Blvd.

Metairie, LA  70005


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