Metairie Baptist Missive for August 12, 2015

Metairie Baptist Missive

August 12, 2015
“So the world will know, the saved will grow, and the church will go.”

Where did the morning go? I guess it went to the same place as the summer went! Time continues to march forward – that happens without our input. The one opportunity for input that we have is how we use the time. I challenge you to be wise in your use of time today and to use your time for His honor!

I was grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Ray Pace’s life this week. He was a great man whom God used in so many ways to encourage me and everyone who came in contact with Him. I trust that we will all be challenged by the way he lived his life – and that we would consistently remember that we are “blessed” even as Ray did throughout his entire life. Join me in continuing to pray for Jeannie and the family.

As pastor, I have the opportunity to see many people who minister behind the scenes. I wanted to express my gratitude for a group of ladies who consistently work behind the scenes without notice to provide an incredible ministry. Each time we experience a death within the church family, a group of ladies mobilize immediately to develop a plan to provide for the family during these times. This week, this group of ladies provided a breakfast for all who attended the visitation and memorial service. In addition, they went the extra mile to provide box lunches for some who were driving across the Causeway to the burial. I was one of those who was the recipient of their kindness – and it meant a great deal to me. Thank you to these ladies who give of their time and demonstrate their kindness/compassion to many. [By the way, I would call their names but out of fear of leaving someone out, I will refrain. Of course, Lillian Bowser is the one who takes the lead in this ministry!]

Don’t forget about our study tonight! We will continue to look at the Life of Paul. Last week we had the opportunity to think through Paul’s visit to Athens and Corinth on his second missionary journey. Tonight we will look at the beginning of his third missionary journey and will highlight his impact on the city of Ephesus and Corinth. Join us at 6:10 p.m. in the Sanctuary for this time together.

Sunday is going to be a great day at Metairie Baptist. Sunday School/Bible Study begins at 9:15 a.m. As I mentioned on Sunday, this is a great opportunity to connect with others and to understand better the Scriptures so that they can be applied to life! If you haven’t been attending, we will be glad to help you find a place in Bible Study on Sunday morning. After Sunday School, we will have a time to worship together. This week I am preaching from Hebrews 12. The choir will be singing, and we are going to continue our time of prayer emphasis during the service.

On Sunday night, we will meet at 5:00 for our Business Meeting/Church Council. You are all invited to attend this time – it is meant to be a time for the entire church family to come together. We will be discussing matters such as the finances of the church and hearing reports from committees as we anticipate the upcoming year. In addition, you will have the opportunity to provide input or to ask questions. This truly is a family meeting so come join in the discussion!

Our Family Picnic is taking place on August 30 at 4:00 p.m. If you haven’t made plans to attend, plan now to come and join us. You can sign up on the bulletin tab on Sunday morning, by means of the sheet in the Orion Foyer, or by calling the church office. When you sign up, indicate what side item you will be bringing so we can be prepared. A water slide is going to be provided for the children. In addition, we will be having a cake baking competition among the men – and we will all be able to enjoy the entries into the competition! Invite your friends and family to join you as we just enjoy being together.

Many of our students and teachers have returned to school this week. Other will begin classes soon. As a church, we have made a commitment to pray for them. Some of you committed to pray individually for them by picking an “apple” with their name on it during our breakfast. Continue to pray and ask for God’s blessings on their lives as they walk through this school year. Pray for encouragement in their lives and for them to be mindful of God’s working in their lives. Pray as well for their impact and witness upon the schools they attend.

I look forward to seeing you tonight and Sunday!

On the journey,


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